Giulio Ottaviani (Business developer UK, director)
Giulio Ottaviani
Business developer UK, director


Giulio was born in Maniago on 27.07.1985. He grew up only child in his hometown. His father has been a notable project manager and Giulio has spent his childhood helping his father and his workers in fixing up houses damaged during the 1976 earthquake in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

He begun a classical high school but this was not practical enough. He had a serious motorcycle crash, but in a short time he was able to ride again. After he finished his studies at I.T.G. Sandro Perini in Pordenone, a general construction school
Since the begining he loved the scool matter, and, with dedication and effort, he obtained very good results also doing, as graduation tesis, a project for the construction of one Passive house. Was a prject, pioneer at this time for the energy saving and the green building.  After he started  studying Construction's Engineering at Trieste's University and working for a structural engineer. At the age of 25 he suddenly lost his father.
He accomplished his father will dissolving his company. Because of the lack of works in the propety and construction sector in Italy, in 2014 Giulio decided to improve is second language, English, and he moved to Australia. Here after courses had also the chance to meet an important builder in the Queensland's coast.
Giulio is now a single father, and lives between London and Venice.
Runner, with passion and active commitment in motorcycle racing and alpine skiing is Interested in transportation UK and international Politics and in environmental issiues. 

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