A polished granite floor makes your home very conformable. We suggest this kind of floor in the kitchen in the living room and for the internal stairway. In a hotel can be perfect in the lobby in every public area subjected to high people movement. Is very good also in the bathroom and can be used, there, also for cover all the walls. Is very easy to clean and has no problem in case of waste water in it. Has a very strong final surface that makes it strongly suggested for areas where people are working or moving fast over. (like every kind of granite) The polishing process is done whit diamond roller that scratch the surfaces till the level obtainment whit a precision of one tenth-millimetre. Is not suggested for open public environment because there is a high slip hazard when it is wet. If used has to be preceded whit a big enough carpet or in internal areas far from open environments.

Public enviroment europeannormative: DIN 51130 ®