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Ottaviani builds as per your design, engineering and architectural construction, obtaining the best possible quality. Italian material, for product finishing, are preferred to lie/fit if in your project as per your request.


It is likely that many projects may involve the renovation of the existent. We have a professional team who have experience in carrying out delicate restoration works and external façade refreshing to reflect modern requirements. We will make your old construction a modern and energy-efficient building, always being carefully to respect the context of the location.
We can refresh your external façade with good quality marble or steel plate. We can renovate your courtyard or atrium giving another aspect to your construction.
We can follow for you the installation of new halting-electrical systems in your construction.



We will work in your open space for you, flooring or fitting with the product of our selection. 



To support the safety and security of staff that will be on site, we employ rigorous audits of all the personnel involved in our projects.
We take the management of Health and Safety of employees, sub-contractors, staff and visitors extremely seriously and we are proud of the outstanding record that we have attained and we will continue to review our policies and practices to ensure that Health and Safety is at the forefront of all that we do. We endeavour to facilitate these Health and Safety requirements by ensuring that all involved or affected people are made aware of the potential risks associated with construction sites.
Buildings sites have to be safe, in order and clean.



We use only top quality materials from leading suppliers to create essentials and modern designs.



Our consultants, with the experience of the reconstruction of F.V.G. after the seismic event in 1976, accompany you in every step during the realization of your design; they will plan and manage together with you: new constructions; your building renovation in property as residential housing; industrial-commercial constructions; public space and service.

Euro Group Services GmbH

We will take care of every document necessary for your construction: every kind of survey; project at every level; direction of works; safety up to the attainment of the regular execution certificate. Euro Group Services takes care of you as permitted by the law, and it can undertake the civil liability of the owner. Euro Service Group can follow the management of your property, assist you in every kind of contract around the world of the civil/industrial constructions
New web technology and smart working consent to E.G.S. to be a team of professionals figures involved in the construction from different countries in E.U.
This allows E.G.S. to know how is moving the market, giving the right advice/support in your investment.


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Giulio Ottaviani was born in Maniago on 27.07.1985. He grew up as the only child in his native town, playing with schoolmates and his dogs. Son of a Italian literature teacher mother and of a technical designer father, he was also grown up by his uncle, a math teacher. Giulio spent his childhood helping his father, the Muratori, to fix up the many family houses damaged by the seismic event in Friuli in 1976. He was supported by his mother to play all kind of sports, and he chose rugby and swimming.

He started classic studies but he felt they were not ideal for him, so he quit. He broke his back because of a serious motorbike accident, but in a short time he was able to stand up again, even though with some permanent pain. His uncle incited him to restart his studies at I.T.G. Sandro Perini in Pordenone, a general construction school. Giulio liked this school and, with dedication and effort, he obtained excellent results, producing a thesis about the energetic containment of houses, a subject which is now actual matter of the Italian law.

He then started to study Civil Engineering at University of Trieste, but at that age he was too much involved in partying and beautiful girls. He now has a son with one of those girls. He had to leave University courses, and he start working as a designer with a Civil Engineer, a friend of his father. Giulio bought another motorbike and, incited by his, friends, ran in the national race track. At the age of 25 he suddenly lost his father, and he had to become the boss of his family.

He followed the will of this father and dissolved his company. Because of the stagnation of the construction market in Italy, in 2014 Giulio decided to learn English and, after studying it in Italy for a couple of years, he moved to Australia, where he had the chance to meet an important builder of the North coast, Remo Boss. In the meantime, he took care of the many family houses. He's now a single father, and lives between Italy and rest of Europe. He often fights in the Pordenone court room, disturbed by some not serious Italians. Giulio is always in love with beautiful women, his work and his German shepherds.


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