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Giulio was born in Maniago on 27.07.1985. He grew up as the family's only child in his hometown, playing with schoolmates and his dogs. Son of a Italian literature teacher mother and of a technical designer father, he was also grown up by his uncle. Giulio spent his childhood helping his father, the Muratori, to fix up the many family houses damaged by the seismic event in Friuli in 1976.

He started classic studies but he felt they were not ideal for him, so he quit. He broke his back because of a serious motorbike accident, but in a short time he was able to stand up again (and to run in the national race track), even though with some permanent pain. His uncle incited him to restart his studies at I.T.G. Sandro Perini in Pordenone, a general construction school. Giulio liked this school and, with dedication and effort, he obtained excellent results, producing a thesis about the energetic containment of houses, a subject which is now actual matter of the Italian law.

He then started to study Civil Engineering at University of Trieste. However, he soon started working as a designer with a Civil Engineer, friend of his father. At the age of 25 he suddenly lost his father, and he had to become the boss of his family.

He followed the will of this father and dissolved his company. Because of the stagnation of the construction market in Italy, in 2014 Giulio decided to perfect his English and, after studying it in Italy for a couple of years, he moved to Australia, where he had the chance to meet an important builder of the North coast. In the meantime, he took care of the many family houses. He's now a single father, and lives between Italy, the UK and the rest of Europe.

Sports lover, with a passion and active dedication for the motorcycle and the alpine ski.

Giulio degree is accredited in the European Union for:

  • Simple architecture design
  • Management and supervision of whatever constructions works
  • Safety in the constructions process

Giulio technical formation and technician experience:

  • Survey: major hospitals of Maniago and Spilimbergo (Italy; many other minors
  • Architecture design: houses in Friuli (Italy) and Salzburg (Austria)
  • Management of works: elementary schools of Maniago and Fanna (Italy); several houses
  • Constructions safety: hospitals in Maniago and Spilimbergo; squares; residential areas; commercial and industrial constructions
  • Fire safety: participation in Maniago and Spilimbergo hospitals adptation works

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